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Direct Response Copywriting

The Secrets Of Persuasion...

Turn your website into a "virtual salesforce" that works around the clock gathering new leads and making new customers. We write the words that get your website visitors to take the actions you want them to - whether it's call you, schedule an appointment or make a purchase.

How do you get the attention of those looking for what you sell? Or get them to click on your ads or watch your videos? And what’s the best way to get your prospects to call you or buy something? Through the magic of direct response copywriting, and using words that sell.

Direct Response Copywriting

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Video Promotions

Get Video Marketing Solutions...

Video is a powerful selling tool and it’s ultra-effective at making a deeper connection with audiences. Videos are great at grabbing attention and telling a story quickly. It’s easy to quickly tell prospects what a business is all about and why they should be going there.

In fact, these days a lot of people prefer to watch an ‘explainer’ video about a company rather than scroll down a long page of text. Right now, digital video advertising is a top marketing trend, and small businesses are using it to cash in big time.

Web Visitor Traffic

Get The Message Heard...

We make sure our clients’ offers are seen by the right audiences. We use powerful advertising techniques that guide prospects to take the actions you want them to. We use advanced audience targeting which automatically locates and speaks to the very people who are actively seeking what you offer.
Things are constantly changing with online advertising. Adwrords can be very expensive and Facebook is increasing as well. Youtube Ads are a hidden gold mine right now - its been working like magic. Find out how it can work for your business.

Email Conversion Marketing

More Profitable Emails...

A lot of our clients' best customers don’t become customers right away... sometimes it's not until they get to Know, Like and Trust my clients and their businesses. Email marketing is a great way to get there.

Get emails that sell and emails that build relationships. We use a combination of promotional and relationship building emails to win people over and build up the know, like and trust factor. Plus get past customers back using a simple monthly newsletter service.

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Customized "Funnel Combo" Packs

One-time payment. No long term contracts - All orders are custom designed to fit the needs of your business.

Content Marketing Funnel Pack Basic $199
-1x Image Ad
-1x Article Lander

Content Funnel Pack Advanced Plus+ Follow-Ups $249
-1x Image Ad
-1x Article Lander
-1x Email 5-pack

Profit-Booster Video Ad Pack $199
1x 30 Second Video Ad
1x 15 Second in-Stream Video Ad
W/Logo Splash Intro Video

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