Brainstorming a Successful Sales Funnel

The phrase “sales funnel” means two different things in the world of marketing. For some, it’s considered the “slippery slope” a potential buyer gets on from the moment they’re introduced to you to the post sale process.

To others, it’s the actual sales funnel that a buyer experiences from the moment they click the buy button on your sales page, through the various levels of one time offer pages.

To have success in either of these areas, you have to get inside the mind of the consumer. What you’re offering to them on the first experience has to have ample value and put up zero to few obstacles in their decision to buy.

That means it should be (and explain that it’s) exactly what they need, the price should be just right (what they call a “no brainer”), and the buying process should go off without a hitch.

To craft a high-converting sales funnel, you not only have to be adept at the art of creating products – over delivering every step of the way, but you have to learn how to craft copy that converts.

Very few marketers take time to do the background research that contributes to an elevated income. You have to learn every aspect of selling – because that first impression is everything, and it’s something you don’t get back for a second chance.

Read books about sales copy. Learn how to create sales letters for your front end and upsells in a variety of media formats – not just text, but video, too. Educate yourself about split testing and then follow through to eliminate low converting copy in place of that which works better for you.

As you create the sales funnel for your product line, make sure you experience it as a buyer, not just a seller. You want to see if there are any hang-ups along the way. That includes the buying experience in terms of upsell exhaustion.

When it comes to the slippery slope concept, think about how prospective buyers might find you online. Will it be from a keyword search on a search engine? Maybe a social networking site? Or is it a word of mouth referral?

Consider what you want that person to go through as they click the link and land on your site. How do you want to make your first impression with them? What do you want to give them to show value and appeal?

Think about what point in the process you want to warm them up with a freebie and then introduce them to a product offer that levels up from what they’ve received from you so far. Never take the process for granted – always make sure you text and tweak along the way.

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