Don't Get Sold A Funnel

Don’t Get Sold A Funnel

I make funnels for a living, and figured you might want to hear this… It’s not sugar-coated, so brace yourself. I’m just telling it like it is.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • The Biggest Problem I See With Funnels
  • Why Keeping Everything Congruent Is So Important
  • Macro & Micro Conversions As It Relates To Funnels
  • The 1 Thing You Need To Be Honest About
  • The Biggest Opportunity Most People Are Missing When It Comes To Building A Funnel

‘Funnel’ has been a huge buzzword in our industry for the past few years

Funnel this, and funnel that… It’s all you hear these days.

And there’s a lot of funnel builder software coming out…

Some of them are really cool, and they make the tech side of things really easy.

But the problem I see people are having is…

With all the hype, people tend to look at a ‘funnel’ like it’s this amazing thing that’s going to save them…

But the reality is that a funnel is just a tool.

A tool that will allow you to create that ‘macro event’ that you want to happen occur – which is usually to get new subscribers or to make a sale.

So I see a lot of people building out funnels, but they’re not focused on the basic fundamental concept of what makes them work.

They’re thinking from a nuts & bolts perspective, and not from a strategy perspective.

And from what I’ve seen, most people’s funnels are either:

    • Non-existent
    • Terrible

And I get that. It’s not the easiest thing to do….

But the more I do this, the more I realize that people are really lacking in one main area: Keeping things congruent within their funnel.

Maybe the offer isn’t right, or the message is off, or the ad and landing page don’t match up…

Those are the things that create a disconnect for the user.

And then they’re not compelled to take that next step in the funnel.

So I think of the main goal of a funnel as the “macro” event… But in order to get the macro event to happen, all these little micro events have to occur first in order to get there.

It has to flow, and you do that by making sure everything matches up and seems congruent to the prospect.

So the macro event is the ultimate goal, the thing that moves your business forward. Which is usually making sales…

Because sales cures all.

Every business that operates has to sell. If you’re not selling, your business is going to die.


That’s just the straight up truth.

So if you look at the main thing that your selling… the product, service or the package or whatever the case may be…

And go with what your main strengths are… and common sense will tell you what the easiest way is to market it based on your biggest strengths.

Because I watch people create these funnels, but they’re not built upon their strengths.

For example, say someone knows a method to creating webinars that are good at selling a program or service…

But then they find themselves building a webinar funnel that gets people lined up to close them on the phone – even though you know they lack phone skills…


Why would they DO that??

Well, probably because they learned it from an expensive training course.

And I’m not knocking that, because that stuff works…

But sometimes when we try and do everything exactly how it’s laid out in a training, then we’re not really thinking for ourselves and using common sense.

So it’s really best to figure out your strengths and build a funnel based on that

If you have a great webinar recording, then build your funnel around that… If you’re good at selling on the phone – get people on the phone…

Figure out what you have to do to get someone the phone to close them.

If you’re good at writing, create awesome content and get people to buy using emails.

I mean, there are a lot of ways to build a funnel, but the key to it is:

Understand what your strengths are, and then match that up with your marketing strategy.

And it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has a strength in some area that will help them market their stuff.

Even if you’re new and don’t know a lot, then just be honest with yourself and say, “Hey, I’m not good at any of this stuff.”

Ok, then you need to go find where you can learn a specific skill or method.

Like if you wanna learn how to run a webinar funnel, then you go find someone that can show you how to set up them up or actually do it for you.

Or if you need someone to help you convert on phone sales if that’s what you like the most, but you just need some help…

But build your funnel around your strengths.

That’s the important message that I want to get across.

Because I see everybody out there talking about funnel this and funnel that. And showing you how you can build out these whiz bang funnels

And people are being “sold” funnels…

There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t get sold a funnel if it’s not right for what you are geared toward personally. Understand what your strengths are and have an idea what it should be built around.

Because you’re the only one who knows the answer to that.

Figure out what your most natural mode of selling is.

Webinars, the phone or emailing, whatever it is… and learn everything you can about that from someone who is more knowledgeable.

That’s the advice I give, and its helped certain people I know tremendously.

So hopefully that makes sense…