Feeling Lost On Your Way To Success

You may have a different opinion…

But from what I’ve seen, Internet Marketing can be fun:
A. When it makes you income
B. When you at least feel like you are moving toward the goal of making income

The worst is feeling completely lost, or like you’re spinning your wheels, not getting anywhere…

Just investing MORE time, more effort and more money…

And trying to keep the FAITH that it will work out.

But Where’s the Problem?
Why WOULDN’T It Work Out?

All the gurus and online hot-shots make it seem pretty straightforward, And they SEEM sincere enough…

But it’s easy to get lost on a step or over-complicate things when we’re trying to do everything on our own.

Maybe it’s some internet marketing rite of passage we all need to go through, I’m not sure…

But I have discovered that it’s pretty easy to find a small targeted sub-niche within the health/fitness/self-improvement niches (for example) to plant a flag in and focus on.

And there are lots of good rebrandable PLR products on topics in those types of sub-niches.

Plus, good PLR creators usually only create PLR on the most popular, hottest selling topics.

I think it was Ryan Levesque, the great survey funnel wizard who I heard say…

“You’re only one funnel away from a million dollars”

Well, you might not develop your million dollar funnel right off the bat, but it’s easy to set up simple little funnels that can potentially kick butt in a sub-niche.

And it’s not hard to get a lot of highly targeted traffic to your site’s pages from Facebook.

It’s not hard to set up opt-in forms all around your content, and when people opt-in you can show them the PLR product offers if you want…

And promote relevant high ticket coaching offers or DFY services either your own or as an affiliate.

It’s actually where you get to develop your copywriting skills. Learning how to write ad copy gives you much more control over your reality.

The more you do it and put in front of people, the better you will get and writing ad copy will get a little easier – and when people actually buy, it’s an amazing feeling knowing you wrote the offer.

If you know how to write a decent offer – and there are templates and formulas, it doesn’t really matter what you are promoting.

If you learn as much as you can about the niche your in, it makes it easier to communicate with that crowd using all the right words and hitting all the right pain points.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to us ALL seeing some awesome results in 2017!!

Are you pumped, ready and determined to make 2017 your breakout year?

Let’s do this thing!!

: )

Jon Brickley.

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