How To Write A Profitable Email In Just 4 Easy Steps

Do you use emails in your marketing?


A lot of smart marketers have continued to build their lists, even though critics have said “email is dead”.


See, even though Facebook marketing has swept the advertising world… it’s like a gold rush –and just as in any gold rush… there will be an end point.


Don’t get me wrong… This is the time to use Facebook to start and scale your business.


But when costs of Facebook start to creep up, you’ll want to have a list that Knows, Likes, and Trusts you.


When you’ve got a list, you no longer need to pay to get new customers . You just keep reselling past ones who already like you.


Here’s a stat you may not know…


On average, you can make between $1 and $3 per email subscriber, per month.


That means, if you’ve got a 10,000 person list, you have the potential to make anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000 per month!


And that’s without doing ANY extra marketing on Facebook!


Pretty amazing, right?


Well, it works even better when you have a killer email sequence in place.


A sequence that builds trust and nurtures new leads by letting them get to know what you’re all about.


And that makes them MUCH more open to doing business with you.


Here is how you can write a killer email in 4 easy steps that engages your reader and makes them want to take action…


Step 1 – Start with a story


Stories suck people in and make them want to keep reading. You want to identify a common problem and relate to the reader. Show them you understand how they feel.


Step 2 – The big ‘AHA!’ moment


When you’ve got the reader engaged in a common story of hardship, show them that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with a plot twist.


This is generally how you found the solution to some difficult problem your reader is currently facing.


Step 3 – Suggest the solution


This is where you talk about all the other people who have seen amazing results with what you are offering and how they might also.


Step 4 – Call To Action


Finally, ask for what you want. Do you want them to click over and learn more?


Do you want them to watch a video or join a webinar?


This is where you insert that part.


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