Speed Funnel Setup

Here’s a great way to get going right of the box – without a lot set up or preparation – just start driving traffic to offer pages and getting some experience in seeing what DOES work and avoid all the other things that don’t help.

This is a version of what I would call an ‘ultra-light-weight-just-get-it-up-and-test-it-speed-funnel’… or maybe just a ‘speed funnel’ for the sake of brevity : )

It’s basically just having an opt-in page to collect subscribers and then promoting a main affiliate offer.

And after that, there are lots of other things you can do as well…

But to start with, just pick a topic within a large and popular niche market that you are attracted to, that you’d like to ‘go into’/specialize in, or be an expert on…

Make sure there are products on that topic that are currently selling well and that you can promote as an affiliate.

You can do google searches on the topic keywords to dig up tons of info. Create a lead magnet using a ‘mash-up’ of the info you find,


Grab a nice looking PLR report you can use as a lead magnet.

You might want to create your own cover image that depicts the result they can achieve or biggest benefits (optional, but it can definitely help).

Find an offer to promote on your topic. Look for a product with a sales page that makes YOU want to buy it, if possible.

Or even better is to promote a product you already HAVE bought and are familiar with it.

If it’s something you bought, you can make a presell/review video and talk about what you got out of it or what they will learn and be able to do when they go through the product.

Grab email and article swipes from affiliate tools page.

Write more follow ups based on bullet points and benefits, story elements and testimonials on the product’s sales page. Don’t forget to include your affiliate link in the emails.

You can either load them into an autoresponder or send them out by hand as broadcasts…

Set up a squeeze page giving away your lead mag. The headline should speak to people who are currently looking for info on that particular topic – and point out what will be possible with this info. Paint a picture of what life is like when the prospect masters the topic using the headline, a subhead and/or bullet points.

Drive traffic to the squeeze page directly – or you can set up an article/info/presell page for visitor to land on and then have them click through to the squeeze page…

And you can also just put an opt-in form with your leadmag offer right below the article.

Start emailing your list often, like 4-7 times a week with interesting stories on your niche/topic and tidbits of info.

Also, focus on subject lines that will make people curious enough to open. The more you can impress new subscribers when they are first signing up to your list, the more likely they are to actually open your emails.

And segue into a pitch for the affiliate offer and a call to action at the end.

There’s other stuff you can start doing after that like posting to a blog and FB page, but you don’t necessarily need all that stuff to start with. You can just start getting subscribers straight away and emailing offers.

So this is a quick way to just get going and do some real online marketing without all the fuss and muss of trying to build out some elaborate system before hand.


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