The Truth About Step-By-Step Systems

We each must forge our own pathway to success.

And what works for some will not work for others just because we are all different and have different talents and skill sets.

But unless you already know how to set up an online business, you’d probably have to start by looking to someone who’s already had success doing it – and learn a method or system from them directly.

I mean, it makes sense to want an exact, step-by-step system that you know worked for someone else, right?

And it’s great to have a system that works, but you might find it easier to complete the steps of setting up your business in your own order and at your own pace.

I say that because, as you go on this entrepreneurial journey, you’re going to change course so many times it’ll make your head spin. You’re going to try things, not like it, and grow and evolve the way you do things.

You may learn how to set up funnels, drive traffic and dial in the conversions, but there’s actually no real ‘order’ to getting things set up initially.

It’s ok to do whatever you feel works best for you.

So instead of feeling overwhelmed by a lack of answers or guidance, it’s better to view it as freedom to do what you want.

The key phrase is: JUST SELL

Not ‘Just write blog posts‘ … What’s the purpose of the post?

Or ‘Just drive traffic‘… To what?

Or even ‘Just build a list‘ … Ok, but for what reason?

Yes, those are the steps we can take to help us build an audience, but the end goal is making the sale.

And as long as that’s what you’re focused on getting to, you’ll probably take the shortest route there.

So a better way to approach the whole convoluted mess of running an Internet Marketing business is to look at the basic elements you absolutely need.

I mean, all it really takes is a squeeze page and a good freebie offer and you could be promoting as an affiliate.

It’s always best to build a list from the get go so you can get a core list that opens your emails…



What else might be a good priority?

Creating blog posts is a good thing to get in the habit of doing so you can build an audience while you work on products and funnels.

Technology wise, we face a lot of ‘Which comes first’ questions, too. That’s okay. Sometimes you have to start doing it to see what works and what doesn’t.

We all make the same types of mistakes. Don’t sweat it, you’re not the only one

And I’ve heard of some seriously boneheaded blunders by very successful marketers.

There are tons videos on YouTube that show you how to do just about anything you’ll need to know – step by step everything…  blog setup, hosting, cpanel use, JVZoo set up, etc, etc.

And it’s also hard when you are trying to set up an online business to escape from something else – like a job you hate. That adds a major distraction.

And it can create some ‘inner game’ conflicts that may seriously affect your performance in all areas of life. I know about it very well from experience.

And if you’re just plain desperate for money, obviously that type of stress puts enormous pressure on yourself.

But you can either pay someone to set stuff up for you, or you just have to be patient and do whatever you have to do until you can figure out what you need to do… if that makes any sense, lol.

You can spend a few minutes a day learning technical stuff… Watch a video on something you’ve been meaning to learn how to do – and then actually DO whatever it is they’re teaching right along with them as you watch it.

You don’t need a whole elaborate set up to start

If you just stay focused on actively getting visitors to offer pages… that is, if you just stay focused on actively getting people’s attention and getting them to click through to offers – then you can fill in all the other pieces as you go.

Besides, it’s probably all going to change as you go along anyway. I really think you have to find your own way of doing things no matter what system you follow.

If you know the components and the basic blueprint of having an offer to promote, promoting it – and making some sales, you’re off and running.

And then YOU are your own boss, and it’s very empowering!